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Prominent gay republicans

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Prominent gay republicans
Prominent gay republicans
Prominent gay republicans

The Republican Party platform may not be as embracing of LGBT equality as many prominent gay republicans like — many would say it's embracing of inequality — but gay Republicans see progress in party inclusiveness. Thiel is expected to bring a prominent gay republicans message to the stage in Cleveland. An LGBT person sat on the platform committee for the Republican platform committee for the first time ever this year. So the plan is to stay. During his years in politics, the gay Republican leader has pushed hard for his party to modernize its position on marriage equality. Prominent gay republicans recently dismissed slams on the party platform as inconsequential. Senate candidate Chrys Kefalas of Maryland came in third in the state's April Republican primary, but Kefalas has continued to stay involved in national conversation.
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Prominent gay republicans
Prominent gay republicans
Prominent gay republicans

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