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Can shemales get pregnant

"Supercute ladies yeah, but it's all filler with about 45 seconds of act."

Can shemales get pregnant
Can shemales get pregnant
Can shemales get pregnant

He wanted to give them a chance at birthing their own children, especially in countries like his native Sweden where surrogacy is illegal. He auditioned the procedure in female rodents. Then he moved on to sheep and baboons. Two years ago, in a medical first, he managed to help a human can shemales get pregnant patient deliver her own baby boy. In other patients, four more babies followed. But his monumental feats have can shemales get pregnant an unintended effect: Cecile Unger, a specialist in female pelvic medicine at Cleveland Clinic, says several of the roughly 40 male-to-female transgender patients she saw in the past year have asked her about uterine transplants.

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Zulkizahn | 31.10.2018
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Malakinos | 08.11.2018
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Samurg | 11.11.2018
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Brajas | 14.11.2018
If you don't like it then see a different movie B. blurring out your face is fag. Smashing ho's is what I do. no need to hide.
Dair | 23.11.2018
Hi Ashley,
Can shemales get pregnant
Can shemales get pregnant

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