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Get rid of asian lady beetles

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Soldier Beetle. Soldier Beetle, is commonly found on yellow flowers in late summer or prattairport.com beetle uses the flowers as a source of food (pollen), but the flowers also serve as a “social focus” for interactions between individual beetles. Multi-colored Asian lady beetles are slightly larger than most native lady beetles, with adults measuring 3/8" long 3/8" wide. They are oval or convex in shape, and yellow to red in color (without black spots on wing covers). The beetles spots, which can vary in size and pattern, number from no spots to as many as nineteen; however, nineteen is the most common number. The best way to control Asian lady beetles in your home is through pest-proofing measures to keep them from entering. These include sealing any cracks around windows, doors, utility wires and pipes, and vents, as well as in the siding, eaves, and foundation.

Get rid of asian lady beetles
Get rid of asian lady beetles
Get rid of asian lady beetles

Red and Confused Flour Beetle Identification. The Red Flour Beetle's antennae ends with 3 gradually tapered beads. The Confused Flour Beetle's Antennea ends with 3 equal beads. A careful inspection with a magnifying glass will help. Their bodies are flat and elongated and are a shiny reddish-brown in color. While they do have the ability to chew, they do not sting or bite.
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Get rid of asian lady beetles

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